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A Trophy Buck is defined as mature bucks 6.5 year old or older and scoring more than 155 B&C points.

A Sub Trophy Buck is a mature buck scoring less than 155 points, and 5.5 years or older.

Management deer are defined as mature bucks 5.5 years old or older and scoring less than 140 B&C points, or a typical 9 point buck, 4.5 years or older that grosses less than 130 points B&C.

There are 4 types of hunters:

A Primary Signature Hunter, is one of six paid, responsible hunters, named on the hunting lease.

 A Guest is a non-hunting guest of a Primary Signature Hunter.   

Guest Hunter is a hunter that hunts management bucks, cull bucks, or does; reads and signs and is responsible for following a hunter's agreement.

A Guided Hunter is a hunter that hunts under a Primary Signature Hunter for a fee.