Dos Chimeneas Ranch, Rancho Blanco, Picosa Creek Ranch

Chittim White Ranches

​​​The Chittim White Ranches are comprised of two South Texas ranches; the Dos Chimeneas Ranch and the Picosa Creek Ranch, and the Hill Country ranch called Rancho Blanco.

  • The Dos Chimeneas Ranch  (6,000 acres) and the Picosa Creek Ranch (6,000 acres) are part of the Chittim Ranch which was 200,000 acres located in Maverick County 140 miles southwest of San Antonio and 20 miles east of Eagle Pass.
  • The Dos Chimeneas Ranch  is professionally managed for White-tailed Deer and Rio Grande Turkey, and Blue and Bob White quail.  We have worked 40 years intensively managing for trophy white tail deer.  Various wildlife biologists have assisted us here in South Texas, and  we specialize in white-tailed deer research and management.  We are proud to have a deer herd bettered by no other South Texas ranches. 
  • The Picosa Creek Ranch is also professionally managed for White-tailed Deer and Rio Grande Turkey by multiple biologists.

  • The Chimeneas Creek and Picosa Creek watersheds traverse both of these ranches and contain over 35 species of South Texas brush that white-tailed deer thrive on.

  • The Rancho Blanco Ranch  is 1100 acres of white tailed deer and turkey, and is an environmentally diverse, historic ranch 30 miles from the Alamo and the San Antonio International airport.